Using Onion To Healing Acne Scars

We all know onions as an ingredient in our meals that gives food taste for your appetite. Do you know onion can be useful in treating acne? Sounds funny when you just imagine? It is true, it might have a painful effects when it comes into contact with your eyes and smell strongly to imagine it in your face, but you will appreciate the sacrifices is worth, once when you fathom that it surely treat acne scars. Now that I have your attention, let’s learn the details of the magic formula!

What significance does the use of onion have on your skin? It contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that treats and eliminates some particular ailments inside the skin. The functions range from appetite treatment to reduction in colon cancer risk and that makes onion a vital element to incorporate in medical category. The juice from onion is documented to eliminate scar tissues and collagen production influence. But, before you commence acne scars treatment in your skin, ensure that your acne infection is under control. There are several methods that are application in taming acne; it might be through lotions applications or adopting acne specific diets. Inside out treatment is always more effective.

Scars due to acne infection appear in two forms -depressed and raised over the skin as in saucer-shaped. They generally form because of skin pattern disturbance due to collagen fibers production in excess which results in scars showing. Extracts from onion will control production of collagen and clearance of keloid scars which are caused by buildup of collagen over acne, leading to a raised area. Onion extract equally triggers collagen production when treated over the scars surface which are depressed, it makes the skin resilient and reduce the depression of saucer-like scars.

The mask of an onion will heal acne scars very effectively. Take one medium sized onion peel and grind it in your food processor into a paste, take 3 tablespoonfuls of softened oatmeal and mix by pouring over hot water and leave it for a period of five minutes. Ensure the oatmeal is warm and you can add honey if the thickness is not satisfactory. Smear it in your face, stay for five minutes and wash off with warm water. The mix will remain fresh for one week in your fridge. Otherwise, you can mix one tablespoon of each onion juice, juice from carrot and olive oil with one egg yolk. Apply the mix to your face and rinse off after 20 minutes, and watch the toning effects.
The brownish marks of acne will fade eventually although they can be stubborn scars. Remember to squeeze or pick on you pimple will increase scarring chances. Treatment of acne is dependent on the scar extend. If there are several scars, dermatologist can intervene and suggest proper remedies that range from chemical peeling to complex and costly laser.

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